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Africa: Botswana report

Current Events

Twice the size of Arizona, Botswana is in south-central Africa, bounded by Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Most of the country is near-desert, with the Kalahari occupying the western part of the country. The eastern part is hilly, with salt lakes in the north.

History of Botswana

Botswana is democratically ruled, boasts a growing economy and stable political environment today. The country’s population is mainly Tswana, who speak a Bantu language and are divided into eight major groups. There are also small minorities of Kalanga, Basarwa, Kgalagadi, and other poeples. English is the official language, but Tswana is also widely spoken along with 24 other minor languages. About half the population is Christian and half adheres to traditional practices.

The earliest inhabitants of the region were the San, who were followed by the Tswana. About half the country’s ethnicity today is Tswana. The term for the country’s people, Batswana, refers to national rather than ethnic origin.

Encroachment by the Zulu in the 1820s and by Boers from Transvaal in the 1870s and 1880s threatened the peace of the region. In 1885, Britain established the area as a protectorate, then known as Bechuanaland. In 1961, Britain granted a constitution to the country. Self-government began in 1965, and on Sept. 30, 1966, the country became independent. Botswana is Africa’s oldest democracy.

The new country maintained good relations with its white-ruled neighbors, but gradually changed its policies, harboring rebel groups from South Rhodesia as well as some from South Africa.

Cattle rising and the export of beef and other cattle products are the chief economic activities, though migration to urban areas in search of economic opportunity has been an important recent trend. The country’s water shortage and consequent lack of sufficient irrigation facilities have hampered agriculture, and only a small percentage of the land is under cultivation. Corn, sorghum, millet, and beans are the principal subsistence crops, and cotton, peanuts, and sunflowers are the main cash crops.

The only known minerals in the country at the time of independence were manganese and some gold and asbestos. Large nickel and copper deposits have since been found, as well as salt and soda ash. Vast coal deposits are also being worked, and antimony and sulfur are known to exist. Botswana’s three diamond mines collectively make up one of the largest diamond reserves in the world, with stones mined by the government and a South African mining concern. Deposits of plutonium and platinum have also been found.

Although Botswana is rich in diamonds, it has high unemployment and stratified socioeconomic classes. In 1999 it suffered its first budget deficit in 16 years because of a slump in the international diamond market. Yet it remains one of the wealthiest as well as most stable countries on the continent.

After 17 years in power, President Ketumile Masire retired in 1997, and Festus Mogae, an Oxford-educated economist, became the new president. Mogae has won high marks from the international financial community for continuing to privatize Botswana’s mining and industrial operations.

Although Botswana’s economic outlook remains strong, the devastation that AIDS is causing threatens to destroy the country’s future. In 2001, Botswana had the highest rate of HIV infection in the world: 350,000 of its 1.6 million people were infected, and half the populations between 25 and 29 are dying of the disease. In 2002, however, Botswana, with the help of international donors, launched an ambitious national campaign against AIDS that promises that there will be no new HIV cases by 2016, the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence.

Current Events

I have researched for Current Events of Botswana and I stumbled over a Batswana Newspaper. It was written in English 100% just like normal newspaper. I used the Batswana Newspaper as a resource to this section of this project.

The listed are current events happening and short descriptions of the events since December 1, 2003 until December 17, 2003

Controversy over Deportation of Caprivians

The Botswana government has denied claims by Namibian human rights NGO that a group of Caprivian “refugees” were “abducted” from Botswana to face high treason charges in Namibia.

9 New Treason Arrests ‘Abduction’: NSHR

NINE Namibians, wanted on high treason charges, have been “abducted” from Botswana and handed over to the Namibian security forces, the National Society for Human Rights claimed December 14

Rights of Refugees Must Be Protected

ACCORDING to Amnesty International, there are currently about 10.6 million refugees and 175 million migrants in the world. This means almost 3 percent of the world’s people have left their home countries, either for economic reasons or to flee from wars and internal conflicts.

Government Breaks the Law

THE Government is among the country’s most persistent and adamant lawbreakers. According to arguments raised by legal experts the government of Botswana has gone so far as to be contemptuous to the courts.

Bulela Ditswe IIII: Showdown in Francistown

The much awaited finale of the thriller, “Brawl in the Ghetto”, featuring the incumbent MP Tshelang Masisi and Francistown city mayor, Peter Ngoma, will reach its zenith tomorrow as the voters in Francistown East decide who between the two is a lesser evil. The campaign in this constituency has been nasty, ugly and dirty.

Tourism Bill to Go-Ahead

THE Tourism Board Bill, the government blue print to marketing Botswana’s tourism products abroad was given a thumps up by parliament on Wednesday. The body is expected to shore up the image of Botswana by among other things manage, market and promote the sector in the international markets.

Business Bill Endorsed By Parliament

MEMBERS of Parliament agreed unanimously to the Small Business Bill, which was read to parliament for the third time by Margaret Nasha, the acting Minister for Trade and Industry.

First National Bank Issues Multi-Million Bond

FIRST National Bank of Botswana (FNBB), jumped to the occasion last week by privately placing a multi-million bond in a move aimed at repositioning itself against its peers.

Foreigners Takeover SMMEs

THE burning question of what constitutes a genuine investor given the massive influx of foreign petty traders became a hotly contested issue December 12.

IPR: Botswana Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and IKs

The workshop was attended by 70 people, mostly from Botswana, in the government sector, the NGOs and the private sector. Participants came from the Department of Science & technology in South Africa, from Zimbabwe, from Zambia, and from Malawi. This is besides Prof Francis Nymanjoh from CODESRIA and Dr Pradip Thomas from WACC. The workshop was therefore regional by all accounts.

Compassion Isn’t for Unrepentant Autocrats

THE just ended Commonwealth Summit held in Abuja maintained the suspension of Zimbabwe. The indefinite suspension from the Commonwealth has prompted varying comments from different stakeholders.

Police XI Target Gunners

PACESETTERS Police XI have promised to redeem their lost pride against the struggling Extension Gunners in a St Louis Super league game at the Lobatse Stadium on Sunday.

Gov’t Committed to Sport - Pheto

ASSISTANT Minister of Labor and Home Affairs, Major General Moeng Pheto has stressed that the government is committed to developing sport and recreation.

Veselin Promises X-Mas Present

ZEBRAS tactician, Jelusic Veselin who is having one of the best times of his coaching career, has promised Batswana a Christmas present when they meet neighbors Zimbabwe in an international friendly in Selebi Phikwe on December 13.

Diphatsa Vow to Stop BDF VI

FRANCISTOWN based Diphatsa volleyball club have vowed to stop the dominance of BDF VI when the two sides meet in the finals of the Mascom Wireless national league on Saturday at Otse Police College.

Mfa to Protect His Privacy

NOW back on his feet after a short spell in hospital, Assistant Minister Olifant Mfa is taking the war to the defense in his bribery case. In a surprise move, Mfa yesterday made a spurt to the High Court in Lobatse and filed papers in which he seeks to annul the proceedings of the case in which businessman Anil Gupta is accused of trying to bribe him.

Thieves Steal Holy Communion

POLICE in Ramotswa are investigating a bizarre case in which thieves broke into the local Catholic Church and stole the Holy Communion (Sacrament) recently.

BDP Headquarters under Guard

THE Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) head office was under guard by heavily armed members of the dreaded Special Support Group (SSG) yesterday following an armed robbery at the nearby Mascom office.

‘Gupo’ the Gift of a Snake

Locked-in between Tswapong Hills, Ratholo Village boasts of the special spring that has watered the village, its livestock and wildlife since time immemorial.

Kups Goes Solo

KWASA group Kups and Bwasa Stars arrived in the musical scene with their debut album, “Setswana se monate” in 2000.

Battle of the Djs in Mochudi This Weekend

THIS coming weekend promises a lot of excitement for revelers in Mochudi where DJs will be spinning the discs in a bash dubbed “Desert Storm of Turntablists”.

The Africans: Masters of the Blame Game

IF there was a competition to find a group of nations with the greatest ability for conjuring excuses for their poor state of economic well being then, we the Africans would garner gold. Our stellar cast or galacticos as the Spanish would call them, comprising African Union and SADC would see to that.

Appointment of Woman Priest Tears Church Unity

The contentious issue of ordination of women into priesthood has taken a dangerous turn in Botswana. A dispute over the appointment of the first female priest is threatening to split the country’s Dutch Reformed Church along gender lines. AANA Correspondent, Rodrick Mukumbira, reports.

Natural Resources Project Benefits Rural Batswana

Chobe Enclave Community Trust (CECT), situated 67 kms south east of Kasane town, close to the Kazungula border near Victoria Falls showcases a success story of how rural communities can derive benefits from natural resources.

Exports to European Markets Surge

BOTSWANA’S traditional exports destined for the European markets surged in September, Bank of Botswana (BoB) said yesterday. According to information posted on the bank’s website it said revenues from beef and the diamond industry jumped higher by 22 and 11 percent, respectively.

Church Urged to Join Aids Fight

Doctor Sheea-Ngwako, the Anglican Church Mother’s Union Provincial President has said it is time for the church to be fully involved in the battle against HIV/AIDS by caring for the infected and the affected.

Elephant Population Increases

THE number of elephants in Botswana bulged in the last year by six percent an international environmental watchdog, IUCN said last night. According to the 2002 report, out of the 660 000 elephants recorded on the continent the majority of them were in the southern African region.

My Thoughts

I would love to visit this country but I wont. I would NEVER visit Botswana because of three reasons. First, danger of getting affected HV/AIDS. Second, danger of getting robbed/ hurt/ killed. Third, Botswana has very little refugee rights. When all three reasons are cleared, I’d visit Botswana.

When I do visit Botswana, I would like to visit the salt mines, gold mines, and crystal mines to see how they harvest gems from mines. Then I would go to Gaborone (of course I’d have Pulas (currency of Botswana) handy) and eat something that people of Botswana prefer to eat. Then I would visit Serowe and buy stuff that is only sold on Serowe such as diamond jewelery (for cheap Pula) or 12 hour-basis clock. Then I would go to Mochudi and participate in many activities such as going to concerts and eating special food that they only have in Botswana. Finally I’d go to Francistown and enjoy the rest of the trip.

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Music as a culture in the Caribbean.

People listen to a great deal of music everyday. It has been around since the existence of time. Almost everyone listens to music, but today it has grown to become an addiction and culture. Nearly every household has a radio and a musical instrument. Music today has been sub - divided into three categories depending on its style and culture. The three major categories of music that people in the Caribbean listen to are soca, reggae and rap music.

Soca music is the soul music of carnival. Carnival is an African tradition and festival, which consists of people parading in the streets in costumes and masks. This celebration normally takes place a few days before the start of the Catholic lent season. Soca music is the main kind of music masqueraders listen to when they are parading in the streets. Soca music can be simply defined as a kind of calypso music with elements of soul. It often features improvised lyrics on humorous subjects and jumping rhythmic beats of drum and bass. This kind of music is originally found in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and some parts of Brazil. Soca music songs are originally made for carnival. After carnival ends, people give the music a rest. They basically stop listening to the music until carnival comes back in season the following year. Some examples of soca artists are Iwer George, Macheal Mantano and Super Blue. There is not a lot of money in this industry because it is not well publicized throughout the world.

Reggae music is closely related with the Rastafarian religion and is originally found in Jamaica. Reggae music can be defined as a sort of tropic rock and roll with accents on the second and fourth beats. It is said to be the hardest music to produce, and only Jamaican artists can master it. Reggae music is sub-divided into two main groups: Dance Hall and Conscious music. Dance hall is defined as a kind of music people could dance to because the songs carry a lot of energy and techno waves or beats. Some examples of dance hall musicians are Sean Paul, Elephant Man and Red Rat. Conscious music can be defined as the kind of music people listen to when they need to relax and meditate because these songs have deep and touching lyrics. These songs sometimes have a moral value in them. For example, Bob Marley sang a song about why children should show dignity and respect towards their parents, and he also sang a song about why Jama icans should unite as one to defeat violence. The Rastafarian community normally listens to this type of music. Some examples of conscious music artists are Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Anthony B, and Bob Marley who is defined as the greatest conscious musician of all time. There is a fairly good amount of money in this industry because it is well publicized throughout the world.

Rap music is the most popular type of music that people in the Caribbean listen to. This music often feature constant beats and rhymes which people in the Caribbean like. This music finds it roots embedded in African culture and tradition. It is basically the reciting of rhymes to match together with the best perfect beats. This type of music is mostly found in America, but people in the Caribbean also listen to it. Rap music is also one of the most popular music the world. Musicians or people use rap to lyrically disrespect someone or tell a brief story. For example, Tupac sang a song about the different types of difficulties he faced while growing up in ghetto America. There is a large amount of money in this industry because it is well publicized throughout the world by advertising. There are a lot of rap music videos that they show on television, and it is always published in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. People in Africa, Europe, America, Asia and the Caribbean listen to this music. Some examples of rap artists are 50 cent, Ja rule and Eminem.

Music today has become a huge part of people’s life in the Caribbean and the world. It has become their culture and style. One major reason for this is that music today is well publicized and easily accessible. There are many different music television stations e.g. M.T.V and BET that publicize it and there are music magazines that advertise it. For Example, Rolling Stone and People. Therefore, it has become part of the culture for people in the Caribbean and the world to get involved in music.

Informative Essay Ideas

A Primer on Informative Essay Ideas

A good informative essay is the one which provides readers with lots of information about a topic that is in discussion. While writing an informative essay it is necessary for you to do your homework before attempting and presenting it to the readers or evaluators. You should have a thorough knowledge about the format of the informative essay and need to follow the same to write a lucid, simple to understand essay.

An informative essay idea for you

Create an outline:

Whether you write Urdu essays or essays in English, an outline is a must. The same thing applies to an informative essay. Spend some time brain-storming about the aspects you can include in the essay. Create a rough picture about particular information which you think can make a good informative essay idea. This will set the basic edifice on which you can build your essay.

Have a structure:

Just as you follow a structure when you are asked to write an 'essay about myself', in the same way, in an informative essay you need to follow a basic structure. This mainly includes an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Take a note of the facts:

Remembering and writing the facts really make a good informative essay idea based on which you can write your essay. If you remember the facts then you will be able to write an effective essay even if you lack basic writing skills.

Cover various aspects about the topic:

This is one of the crucial informative essay ideas which you can think of while writing your essay. Write your essay having a broader perspective about the topic. Apart from giving relevant information to the readers you should also concentrate on giving your personal opinion about the topic.

Focus on the way of writing:

The tone of your essay also matters when you write an informative essay. So it is important that you decide what is going to be the tone of your essay. See whether you are comfortable by writing a formal essay or want it to be interactive in nature. This matter is totally subjective and you can write it as the way you find is most suitable for you.

These were some of the informative essay ideas based on which you can develop your informative essay. Once done with your essay, don't forget to proofread it to see whether you have written the facts correctly. Proofreading will also help you to correct any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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Argumentative Research Topics

Argumentative Research Topics That Guarantee Success

Writing argumentative literary works is a good way to sharpen your analytical skills which you would need most if you plan on becoming a lawyer someday or if you are planning a career in journalism. Students are encouraged to write on argumentative research topics in order to boost their analytical capabilities.

Importance of Argumentative Research

Essay writing based on argumentative research contributes in the development of analytical and deductive skills. This type of writing also enforces a   The best way to improve your analytical skills is to analyze things of academic importance. This could be done through research papers, dissertations, essays, common life situations, complex situations encountered in day to day life or simply anything that may contribute to an academic field.

How to Choose an Argumentative Research Topic

Choosing a topic is never an easy job. Students often find themselves confused, carelessly staring at a list of argumentative research topics with no selection criteria in their mind. The most important and yet the easiest way to choose a topic for an argumentative research write-up is to follow your own interest. Explore your interests and start canceling out the research topics.

However, it is never wise to follow your interests completely. Research the topics you would like to write about and find out their academic importance. Don’t write on research topics that are of no academic significance. An easy way of accomplishing this is to determine what your chosen argumentative research topic would contribute to the academic field. If you cant answer that; its probably best to dump the topic and find the next best one.

Also make sure you have adequate resources of information for the chosen research topic prior to its finalization. You don’t want to finalize the topic without exploring its research parameters or you’ll end up with an argumentative research topic with poor sources to back your argument.

Top Ten Argumentative Research Topics

When choosing an argumentative research topic one has to base his/her selection based on interest, academic significance, availability of resources and of course the feasibility of the topic itself. Based on the commonly used criteria mentioned above, ten argumentative research topics have been listed below for your convenience:

  1. Should animals be used for scientific experiments that may eventually help the human race?
  2. Should the prisoners of war be tortured for benefit of one nation?
  3. What is the purpose of our existence?
  4. Should Hollywood be blamed for the irresponsible behavior of youth today?
  5. Should students be judged on the basis of their test scores?
  6. Is homosexuality a sign of evolution?
  7. Should gay families be allowed to adopt children?
  8. Is money the root of all problems?
  9. Should the government have a say in our diets?
  10. Does religion cause war?

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Essays Topics

How to come up with good essays topics

Many students normally have a difficult time writing an essay that is of high quality. If you are one of those who is having problems coming up with an A+ sort of paper, then you need as much writing assistance as you can get. Many libraries in different schools and campuses normally have some helpful materials that students can use when they want to write good essays. Some of the helpful tips that you can get from these materials include how to write great essays topics.

Some common essay writing topics include:

  • Descriptive essay topics
  • Argumentative essay topics
  • Comparison essay topics
  • Evaluation essay topics
  • Narrative essay topics

Getting a good essays topic is very important as it determines how good the rest of your paper will turn out to be. For a topic to be good, it has to have certain features. For one, the topic needs to be relevant to the subject. This means that you have to know exactly what you want to write about. A lot of research is necessary if you want your topic to be the best. A great essay topic must also be original and unique. Most students get poor grades in their papers due to plagiarism. Copying someone else's topic will not help you in any way. Therefore try to be creative when creating your own topic so as to score high marks. The way you word your topic will also determine how good it is going to be. Do not use big words in the topic. Stick to simple and clear language so as not to confuse your


Where to get a good essays topic

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Population Control

When people hear the words population control, they automatically think the most negative aspects of such a concept without ever taking a second to consider what the intention of such a suggestion might involve. For me, I believe that population control is more of a way of thinking about the future of the world and the people who live here. I mention population control in terms that the people of this world have gotten out of control and we have gone crazy about sex and the result is the population is over six billion and climbing rapidly.

As it is, the people of Earth have completely taken over and all the beauty in nature has been lost and is dying fast due to our greed for power and what not. The o-zone is greatly damaged beyond repair, millions of miles of forests and fields have been completely destroyed, and people have ruined nature. The more people there are, the more we require from the earth, and so we take more giving back less and less. The result is destruction.

I am simply suggesting we realize what we have done, take responsibility for our actions, and try and cut back on giving birth so much because as I said before, the more people there are, the more we take from our planet. We as a race are not privileged enough to have technology or knowledge enough to try and fix what we have done, but we can prevent a lot if we take maters into our own hands and have a little self control.

Many would see population control as a way for governments to have more power over the populations, or they would say its invading our human rights, but truth be told, we have beyond taken too much advantage of our rights and deserve a slap in the face. I am not saying kill any child born to a family after already having given birth to 2 other children or something barbaric like that, but something should be done. Population is booming and without good cause or reason, people have got to realize the problems we are causing because if not, the death of our planet will come a lot sooner than we hoped.